Our professionals excel in research, modeling, analysis, design, implementation, and evaluation of a variety of products and systems while keeping a critical focus on the business aspect.

Working Example

Consulting Service Process

Study the market trends of Telcos, Cable Companies, Mobile Operators, Telecom Equipment Vendors and Silicon Vendors to identify inflection points and establish a vision.

Develop the expertise required to validate and refine the vision. This includes engagement with Standards and Industry Forums, Service Providers, Telecom Equipment Manufacturer (TEM), Silicon Vendors and the Analyst Community.

Clearly define advanced system solution propositions assessing customer technology portfolio. This process determines the optimal technical approach to build a winning strategy for the client.

Map the system level requirements into specific customer products as part of our product management consulting process.

  • Strategic Roadmap Development
  • Targeting Adjacent Market
  • Feature Augmentation Recommendations
  • Addressing White Space

Influence the industry through thought leadership. This includes conference activities, articles, and technical publications, customer meetings, analyst presentations, etc.

  • Evangelize the network-level vision with service provider clients
  • Evangelize the equipment-level vision with Telecom OEM clients
  • Evangelize the silicon-level vision with semiconductor vendor clients